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Local Business Listings & Citation Building Service

Manually created local business directory listings & citations

What are Local Business Listings?

Our local business listing packages are design to be the best in the business.

Our decisions are data backed, based on the crawling of 100s of 1000s of top ranking local pages. If it doesn’t impact rankings head on, we don’t mess with it.

  • Data Backed: Based on 1000s of hours of testing & years of campaigns.
  • Custom Campaigns: Thoughtful, non templated campaigns. We build uniquely for the client’s needs, niche, city. No campaign is ever the same.
  • Clear Reporting: Slick, thorough, transparent reporting.
  • Everything we build, is yours: Profile, logins, etc.
  • Our audit let’s you know what you need to fix to achieve local supremacy.
  • Robust, valuable citations, show Google you mean business.
  • Durable, timeless local ranking strategy.
  • Syncs up perfectly with any organic link building strategy.
Google Local Pack

Full Citation Audit

The most important part of any Local SEO campaign is ensuring consistency, which is why every single campaign starts with a full business listings audit.

Without this crucial step (that most cheap competitors skip), you’d be throwing money down the drain.

We put every campaign through this detailed, time-intensive process. We catalog correct and incorrect citations, avoiding any duplication of efforts.

This results in a fully detailed report, including a road map on how to repair incorrect citations most effectively.

Full Citation Audit

What we do

Local Citations Building

Local directory citations are the bread and butter of local SEO.

With our careful, manual submissions, we make sure you are in the BEST directories for your niche and market.

This is not just a standard list of directories. Every single campaign is different and we leverage 3 strategies for determining which directories to submit to for that particular client.

Strategy 1: Ego directories – The most popular, traffic dense, authority directories.
Strategy 2: Competitor directories – We take your specific keywords and find out what citations are important not only in your industry but your specific SERPs.
Strategy 3: Competitor review directories – We scrape competitor review directories to find Google trusted directories.

We claim all the most important directories where possible, and provide detailed instructions for all others that should be verified by the client (some require a phone call for verification or other methods). We deliver a transparent report including all login info.

Rich Media Citations

Anyone can do plain old directory submissions, but to make them count, we beef them up with geo-tagged photos and videos, plus citations and links from rich media sources.

We create straightforward, whiteboard style video slideshows, with music, pictures and text. These videos are optimized to the fullest extent, including geo-meta data. We then submit these videos to the top video hosting sources, creating high authority, legit links and citations.

Here, you provide us with 10, ideally relevant & branded images. We optimize, upload, and again optimize, including geo-meta data. We then submit these images to the top image hosting sources, creating high authority, legit links and citations.

Rich Media Citations

Social Citations

Social Citations

This year and beyond, social media is becoming more important. We make sure you’re ahead of the game and rounding out your citation profile by getting you awesome social citations.

In this module, we create careful, manual submissions, adding all media and content which again results in high authority, legit links and citations. We submit to powerful & authoritative social media sites.

The Best Citation Audit

With the Business Listing audit, we’ll manually scour the web to find exactly where you stand and deliver you a beautiful white label report with:

All NAP Variations: We’ll find all the variations of your current profile (if any) and identify what may be harming your local rankings.

Existing Correct Citations: We’ll show you where you have citations that are correct.

Incorrect Citations: We’ll show you where you have incorrect citations that need to be fixed if any.

Aggregator Citations: We’ll check the major aggregators and let you know if any of them have the wrong data.


Business Listings Audit

Complete Citation Audit
NAP Variations Check
Existing Correct Citations
Incorrect Citations
Aggregator Citations


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Packages & Pricing

We do ANY country! If your business is on Planet Earth we can help you!


  • BL Starter

    Full Citation Audit
    45 Total Citations:
    30 Local Directory Citations
    5 Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites


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  • BL Mini

    Full Citation Audit
    65 Total Citations:
    30 Local Directory Citations
    10 Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites
    5 Videos Submitted to Video Sharing Sites


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  • BL Medium

    Full Citation Audit
    130 Total Citations:
    50 Local Directory Citations
    10 Photos x 5 Photo Sharing Sites
    5 Videos x 5 Video Sharing Sites
    5 Social Media Submissions


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  • BL Large

    Full Citation Audit
    255 Total Citations:
    90 Local Directory Citations
    10 Photos x 10 Photo Sharing Sites
    5 Videos x 10 Video Sharing Sites
    15 Social Media Citations


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Looking for a managed local campaign?

fully managed seo outsourcing
Leave the local SEO to the experts! We are now able to use all of our local products within HOTH X, our fully managed SEO program tailored for your specific needs.




Need Monthly, Recurring Orders?
We Got You.


  • BL Monthly

    30 Total Citations:
    10 Local Directory Citations
    20 Photo, Video, or Social Citations
    No Duplicates
    *You must order an initial package (above) to order a Monthly Mojo.
    We need to do an audit of your current citations to avoid duplication.


    $79 / Month


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