SEO case study

Ad Agency Sees 2x Net Income YOY with HOTH Reseller Service

An experienced regional ad agency with 14 years under its belt began using our white-label SEO reseller program in 2018. 

What began as a single order for some link outreach soon blossomed into 5 years of providing SEO, content creation, and link-building services for their clients. 

Here’s a quick overview of the results:

  • A 2x year-over-year increase in their total net income.
  • Considerable boosts in organic traffic and referring domains for 28+ client websites.
  • A 150% increase in online visibility, a 2x increase in leads, and a 135% increase in sales for their clients. 
  • More robust backlink profiles and dominant SERP rankings. 

Our work with them is an excellent example of why we have the most trusted white-label SEO reseller program for growing your net income. It’s truly a win-win relationship for marketers, as the clients receive the best results, and the agency makes more money. 

Thanks to our vast network of link partners, media outlets, bloggers, and news websites, we can consistently provide other online marketing agencies with top-tier SEO services you won’t find anywhere else. 

Stay tuned to learn about this client’s exciting growth journey using our white-label SEO reseller program. 

An Experienced Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency 

Beginning in 2009, our client has provided outstanding web design, logo design, video production, and digital marketing services to businesses and individuals across North America. 

Since their inception, they’ve generated a whopping $70,000,000 in profit for their clients, and their team of marketing and design experts boasts 150 years of combined experience. 

They collaborate with organizations of all sizes, and they’ve worked with clients from over 200 industries. 

Why They Chose Us 

While their team is immensely talented at web & logo design, branding, and video production – they came to us for help in one key area – search engine optimization. 

In particular, they wanted to take advantage of our renowned link-building, content creation, and SEO services for their clients. 

Our first point of contact was in 2018 when they purchased our Link Outreach service for a single domain. 

We’re well known for our vast network of link-building connections, so we got straight to work on building high-authority backlinks for their client’s domain. 

It didn’t take long for the agency to take notice, as we were able to start delivering impressive results within a few short months. 

The HOTH Products We Resold

5 months later, in April 2019, they placed their first order for a HOTH X (our managed SEO services) campaign for a client, and they’ve been placing repeat orders ever since. 

Here’s an overview of the products we resold under their label:

  • HOTHBlogger. We provide our article creation services for their clients, which include thorough topic research, keyword research, article writing, and edits. 
  • Link Insertions. Instead of creating an original guest post, link insertions involve placing a backlink in an existing post on a relevant website. We used this link-building tactic to obtain relevant in-content links for the agency’s clients via our network of established sites. 
  • Link Outreach. Our team of link-building experts reaches out to websites in our network to land guest post spots, fix broken links, publish press releases, get listed in local directories, and more. 
  • Syndication. We have a network of over 300 media outlets and news websites that we use to syndicate existing blog articles from clients for desirable backlinks and improved online visibility. 

With these powerful tools under their belt, the ad agency was able to provide consistent, high-quality link-building and SEO services to their clients – all while packaging everything under their brand name. 

Our Process: SEO Audits 

Whether we’re going to create blog articles or build links for an agency’s client, we always begin with a thorough SEO audit, and we do this for several reasons. 

First, we need to know where a domain stands SEO-wise, which goes beyond checking its current SERP rankings. 

We will check for:

  • Technical issues with the site, such as poor loading speed or indexing errors. If you’re having issues with the behind-the-scenes aspects of your website, check out our Technical SEO Audits
  • Properly optimized on-page SEO factors (i.e., proper keyword placement, headings, visuals, readable format, etc.). 
  • The correct usage of metadata.
  • Average organic traffic and total number of referring domains. 
  • How well they’re ranking for their most important keywords. 
  • The presence of any ‘quick win’ keywords. 

This gives us a more complete snapshot of a domain’s performance on search engines. 

Using quick win keywords 

‘Quick win’ keywords always play a role in our SEO strategies since they speed up the time it takes for clients to start seeing results. 

What are quick win keywords?

They’re keywords that a website already ranks for, just not in a top position. Keywords ranked in positions 4 – 30 can all qualify as quick wins if the optimization process gets handled correctly. 

Capitalizing on quick wins involves sprucing up on-page factors like keyword usage, content quality, and readability. In some cases, we have to bulk up existing articles to make them rankable.

For instance, if a blog article only contains 400 words and doesn’t contain any original insights, it won’t receive much love from Google’s algorithm (or other search engines, for that matter). 

Google views long-form content as more valuable and educational to readers, but only if it contains accurate, relevant information. 

In addition to ranking higher on search engines, research shows that longer pieces of content also generate more backlinks and shares on social media. That’s why we always shoot for at least 1,000 – 2,000 words per article. 

Obtaining backlinks is another aspect of capitalizing on quick-win keywords. 

With content optimization and some quick links, a keyword ranking in position 4 – 30 can easily jump up to the top 10 or top 5. 

Competitive Gap Analysis 

Another trademark of our managed SEO services (whether resold or not) is our competitive gap analysis. 

What’s that?

A competitive gap analysis involves closely analyzing a domain’s top competitors on Google and other search engines. 

In particular, we closely examine the websites ranked directly above our clients. 

When doing so, our goal is to understand why they’re ranked ahead of us – so we look at factors like:

  • The strength of their backlink profile 
  • Content quality 
  • Keyword choice and placement 
  • Technical SEO factors

During our analysis, we also check to see if there are any valuable keywords that our client’s competitors may have overlooked. 

For example, if we’re able to find a relevant keyword that has a high search volume and a low difficulty score (including the fact that the competitor isn’t using it at all), then we’ve got our work cut out for us. 

If we discover that a domain’s top competitors have substantially stronger backlink profiles, we’ll focus our efforts on link–building. 

Ideally, we’ll be able to close the competitive gap once we pinpoint why the client is being outranked. 

If you want to discover how to outrank your top competitors, don’t wait to book a Link Gap Call with our team of experts. 

The Results: 2x YOY Increase in Net Income, Highly Satisfied Clients 

It’s now been 5+ years since the regional ad agency began using our white-label SEO reseller program, and they’re not stopping anytime soon. 

We’ve provided consistent, high-quality results for each client they’ve presented us with, as over 28 of their client domains have seen spectacular results due to our managed SEO services. 

White labeling is an excellent way for marketing agencies of all sizes to expand the services they offer. 

In the case of the ad agency, they wanted to help their clients gain better online visibility and rank higher on search engines, and our white-label managed SEO services made it happen. 

They’re able to repackage our work under their brand name, boosting their reputation among their clients as a result. 

They get to take the credit and their clients reap the rewards, which is what we call a win-win situation. 

Portable Event Rentals

Here’s a glimpse at some of the results we were able to deliver for their clients.

After starting a HOTH X SEO campaign resold through our client, this provider of portable event rentals saw massive spikes in organic traffic and referring domains that have yet to let up. 

Packaging and Shipping Supplies

This domain provides complete packaging solutions, including boxes, tapes, containers, and more. 

Before we began handling their SEO, they were receiving next to no organic visitors or backlinks. That all changed as soon as we began creating content and building links for their domain. 

Medical Office Design 

A provider of high-quality medical office design, this business had experimented with SEO a bit in the past to mixed results (you can see a brief spike in traffic and referring domains in 2017). 

However, once we took the wheel shortly after February 2020, the ball really started to get rolling, and they’re still seeing solid results to this day. 

Mobile Detailing 

Offering cutting-edge mobile detailing services like ceramic coating and paint correction, we were able to secure an 89.69% increase in the total number of keywords they ranked for, as well as a 98.92% boost in monthly organic traffic. 

Storage Units 

As you can see, the beginning of our campaigns aligns perfectly with this domain’s boosts in traffic and keyword rankings. 

Equipment Rentals 

We improved this client’s online visibility by a significant margin shortly after the beginning of our SEO campaign. 

In summary, our reseller service worked wonders for our client, and we’d love to do the same for your agency. 

If you want to expand the capabilities of your digital marketing agency so you can start seeing rockstar results like these for your clients, don’t wait to check out our renowned white-label SEO reseller program today.