SEO case study

HOTH X Link Building Increases Client Traffic 19,233%

Links are one of Google’s top search ranking factors and that’s exactly why we offer clients multiple products to get them more.

Businesses can go it alone with link building but it takes a ton of time and energy to do your own writing and outreach. This case study will describe how we helped a new client publish high-quality guest posts with backlinks to their website.

In one year, we doubled their number of referring domains and grew their web traffic by 19,233%. Increasing the number of visitors to your site is a guaranteed way to generate more income and expand your operation.

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This new client contacted us in May of 2020 to help increase their web traffic. They have been in business for decades and work in the water sanitation and purification industry.

The company’s website was launched in 2015. Traffic remained flat for a few years and started to grow in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic was most likely the reason for a modest bump in traffic but the company knew they had to invest in SEO to stay competitive in the ever-growing online market.

With decades of industry experience, we knew it was possible to leverage what they knew in authoritative guest posts for link building. We would also check their website to ensure it was fully optimized with high-performing keywords. Our very first step was to conduct a site audit.

The SEO Audit

Long-time campaign managers and SEO strategists Steven Gill and Brooke Beasley worked together to develop and maintain the SEO campaign for this client. They first had to conduct a thorough site audit to understand the site’s strengths, weaknesses, and what techniques could help them achieve long-term goals.

We mentioned above that the company website was launched in 2015. They hadn’t received over 100 monthly visitors until the second half of 2020. Most of their past business was clearly done in person but many industries were now moving into the digital space. They couldn’t afford to be left behind.

The organic keywords they had ranked for dropped from an average of 420 to 260 between April and May of 2020.

Our campaign managers also checked to see how many domains linked back to the client. Total backlinks were consistently around 20 or under between the launch of their website and when they started working with us.

Our new client clearly needed a company like The HOTH to implement long-term SEO plans with link building for sustained growth!

Identifying “Easy Win” Keywords

To be clear, SEO is all about the long game. But, there are certain things we can do for a client’s site that produce immediate results. This includes identifying and using “easy win” keywords.

What’s an “easy win” keyword? These are terms that the client is already ranking for in positions No. 4-30. They can stretch as far as the third page in Google search results. Sites are already ranking for these “easy win” keywords so using them more prominently gives quick boosts.

Overall, this client had 550 “easy win” keywords. We finalized a list of these keywords to use in their SEO strategy and then ensured they appeared across web pages and in content.

Higher ranking keywords in positions No. 1-3 existed for the client, but they would require more work to acquire.

Competitive Gap Analysis

Running a business requires you to understand what your competition is doing. That way there are no surprises and you can always stay competitive. SEO works the same way.

Our team needed to conduct a competitive gap analysis to learn some of the successful strategies used by other companies in the water sanitation and purification industry. We learned that the client’s company had about a dozen direct competitors.

The next step was to see what keywords the competitors ranked for and decide whether it would be helpful for our client to shoot for the same ones.

For example, one online competitor had 956 keywords that our client wasn’t ranking for. They shared 565 keywords with our client but we knew there were hundreds more on the table. And many of these included keywords in positions No. 1-3.

From our competitive gap analysis, we discovered new keywords to incorporate into the SEO strategy.

Not all of the keywords unique to the competitor would work well for our client, but it was a good starting point.

The Link Building SEO Campaign

Earlier in the case study, we mentioned how this company had decades of experience and knowledge to share. We knew immediately that targeting the long-form content on their site and publishing guest posts would be easy ways to increase their SEO by leveraging their expertise.

Following their first consultation call with us, they decided that enrolling in HOTH X was the best move to get things rolling. This is our best-selling fully managed SEO program. Clients get a dedicated campaign manager and access to all of our SEO products.

HOTH X allows companies to put their digital marketing on autopilot and receive regular campaign performance reports. That way they can focus more on the day-to-day.

Their website already had a blog with high-intent, niche keywords designed for the right audience. This was a fantastic first step in boosting their SEO and it allowed us to focus more on guest posts and link building.

Blogs are so important for websites because they help potential customers get their questions answered and direct them to the next step in signing up for a service or making a purchase. This client’s blog was so successful because each post was written specifically for customers, not the Google algorithm.

They often used the blog to answer frequently asked questions about their products and services.

So many companies write blogs with high-performing keywords for SEO but they don’t provide any value to potential customers. At the end of the day, it’s visitors who make purchases, not Google bots. That’s why it’s important to always write with your customer in mind.

And don’t forget that search rankings are determined by content quality and authority. Successful blogs need to address both, on top of including keywords.

Our next step was to help them realize the value of internal and external links. We also started building backlinks to get them ranking faster. That’s where HOTH Guest Post came in. It was the secret to their success.

Guest posts are crafted by our professional writing team and include a link back to the client. The HOTH also handles publishing guest posts on external sites with high authority.

We collaborate with every HOTH X client to create the best guest posts that enhance their SEO strategy and fill their content needs.

Backlinks are one of Google’s top search ranking factors because they demonstrate authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Those are two things we worked on developing for the client.

The Results

Our SEO efforts put this client’s web traffic through the roof. With all of the new ranking keywords and links, they experienced a 19,233% growth in web traffic!

A chart showing the water company's tremendous growth in traffic.

Their traffic grew from 45 when they contacted us to 8,700 monthly visitors! This increased traffic coupled with a higher demand for water sanitation and purification solutions resulted in more conversions for the client. Today, they have a backlog of orders because so many people are ordering their equipment.

Keywords played an integral role in this process. As you can see below, their organic keywords increased from approximately 260 to over 3,500 today. It’s also evident in the graph what effect the “easy win” keywords had on the client’s ranking.

And they also picked up keywords in the top three positions.

A chart showing the client's growth in ranking keywords.

After a year of producing and publishing high-quality guest posts on behalf of our client, we were happy to report that their backlinks increased from around 20 to 140 today. These links serve as external referrals and provide them with a little “link juice.”

Link building is always an effective way to improve your rankings.

A chart showing the client's increase in backlinks.

This client experienced impressive gains across the board thanks to its patience and dedication to a strategic SEO plan.


This case study demonstrates the power of link building to deliver record-breaking traffic. This client came to us wanting to increase their traffic and connect with more customers.

Our SEO campaign through HOTH X improved web traffic by 19,233%. We accomplished this by writing authoritative guest posts and ranking for more keywords.

The key to success in any SEO campaign is to be patient and stay consistent. That’s what this client did and now they have more business than ever before.

Are you interested in learning more about our SEO products or how HOTH X can help you boost web traffic? Simply schedule a call with one of our marketing consultants to get started. We can discuss your needs and goals to lead you to success.