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Scaleable & API-driven content that can help lower the COGS for your existing products, as well as open new revenue streams for your business.

Custom Integrated

We work with your team to design a workflow that integrates with your existing business


We've written millions of content pieces and can provide content for almost any purpose

Programmer Friendly

Place your orders via a REST API built specific for your business, and go live in just days

A Trusted Partner

We've been providing high-volume marketing & content for 20 years - let us help you look good!

The Problem:

Getting Content Created Is Not Easy

If your business unit relies on written content, you already know how expensive and annoying it can be to deal with content production.

In-house content teams know your product well, but have an extremely high cost that is often hard to fit into a budget. These days, it’s hard to justify an entire team – or even just one in-house writer – when content creation is viewed as a commodity.

If you’ve tried outsourcing content creation, you’re sure to have dealt with the headaches of trying to find good writers, manage a team and a content calendar, not to mention training your writers. The content they produce often has to be copied-and-pasted into your internal systems, and the time you spend on management is lost productivity.

Strict Deadline
Smooth Flowing Work
The Solution:

Let The HOTH Solve Your Content Struggles

The HOTH has been one of the largest content & marketing providers for almost 20 years, and our experience creating custom-integrated, enterprise-grade content solutions is unmatched.

We have fully-trained writing teams that can create tens of thousands of content pieces per day to your exact specification. Our API integrations allow your systems to automatically send requests & get back completed work, so your programmers can go live in days – not weeks.

Plus, our flexible volume-based pricing can help slash your content creation budget – or add content as a new high-margin revenue stream.

The HOTH can help you look like a hero to your boss!

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Or Expand Your Business:

Open New Revenue Opportunities

Do you accept customer-provided written content like business profiles, product listings, or blog posts? Have you noticed that your customers aren’t exactly prolific writers?

Our team can help: we can take your existing user-generated content and expand upon it, or rewrite it entirely. Imagine being able to provide a high-profit upsell to your customers where their listings or postings can be crafted by a professional writer!

Do you have “big data” but a “small presence” on the web? Spreadsheet-type data like catalog listings or stock histories aren’t exactly exciting for your customers (or Google).

Our team can take this data and provide custom-created content around it – imagine taking a spreadsheet of stock histories and turning it into an interactive repository of business profiles; or an annual product price sheet that can be crafted by our team into thousands of ecommerce-ready product listings.

Want to get creative? Our team can do it all via an API that is built to your specifications. Social media content, blog posts, news articles, press releases, even internal reports can be written for you by our trusted team.

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We Do The Impossible:

Even Your Programmers Will Be Happy

We are here to make you look good – and that means making your programmers happy. That’s why we’ve got a team of developers dedicated to working with you to build a custom integration that works perfectly with your existing systems.

Integration with our custom-made REST API is so easy that other companies have launched large-scale production workflows in just days. And, if you don’t have a programming team available, we can work with you to integrate with your existing tools and resources like your CRM or CMS.

The HOTH might be the one integration that your programmers enjoy working on – and we can help make the process as easy as possible.

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Trusted By Enterprise

Here's what business had to say

The HOTH works with the largest publicly-traded web hosting provider conglomerate to provide tens of thousands of marketing-related content pieces per month. By replacing an in-house team with The HOTH, turnaround times have been cut to hours from days, and costs have been reduced significantly.

Web Hosting Company
Replaced in-house team

The world's largest online marketing research SaaS turned to The HOTH to help build a suite of new content products. This new revenue stream has helped decrease churn for their core product, and helped attract new customer avatars that were previously outside their industry.

Major SaaS Vendor
Launched new products

A major local marketing company used The HOTH's API to integrate with their existing CRM and was able to replace a legacy vendor entirely - fully automating the delivery of marketing copy & related content to their customers.

Hyperlocal Marketing Provider
Replaced a legacy vendor

How HOTH Enterprise Works

Strategic Planning

We work with your product & content teams to develop a scaleable set of requirements for your content pieces. Generally, we can take your existing content process and just "drop in" to replace an in-house team or vendor, but we can also help you dream up new ways of integrating content into your revenue pipeline.

Integration Analysis

Once we've identified your content needs and have crafted a workflow for production, our programming team gets to work. We create a custom API that takes your requirements into account, giving your programmers an easy way to request & receive content.

Technical Implementation

Your programmers know your systems, and our team works with them to get the integration of new products (or replacement of legacy processes) done in days, not months. Our dedicated integrations team makes sure your team has all of the resources they need to integrate seamlessly.

Let's Launch

Once integration is done, we're ready to launch - you can send thousands of orders, and our writing teams produce content and return it via API. This content drops directly into your systems, ready to be published, sold, or integrated into your products.

Constant Growth

Your dedicated account team will keep in touch, monitoring the production pipeline and giving you suggestions on how you can add new revenue opportunities. Plus, we're always available to answer any production questions you might have, or adjust the way that your requests are handled as your needs change.

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What you get with HOTH Enterprise
  • Dedicated Account Team

    We're available to help bring your content ideas to life

  • Technical Integration Specialists

    We talk to your programmers so that you don't have to

  • World-Class Content Teams

    Hand-picked, trained, and tested writers work 24/7 for you

  • Custom API Integration

    Fully automate your content requests - no more copy & paste

  • Budget-Friendly Pricing

    We offer high-volume content at prices that will make your boss giddy

  • Enterprise-Grade Features

    Net-term billing, SLA's, and decades of experience in helping businesses succeed

Schedule a demo now and our team can help you come up with the best way for our enterprise-grade, highly-scaleable content to integrate with your existing workflow – or, new ways to boost your revenue & profits with exciting upgrades and new products you can sell.

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