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What Is HOTH Guest Post?

HOTH Guest Post is our premium link building service that provides high-quality, natural, contextual links back to your site. 

Backlinks are a major Google ranking factor, but guest post outreach is one of the most time-consuming parts of SEO.

Our guest post service and outreach has been honed for over a decade, allowing us to be very selective with the sites we publish on and the writers we work with to create your posts.

Guest Post Example
Guest Post Sites with Authority and Traffic

Buy Backlinks from High Quality, Relevant Sites

These backlinks are secured through manual blogger outreach on only the highest quality sites. These guest posts add tremendous power to your backlink profile (and can become a traffic source in themselves!). 

Flexible Options

Pick your links based on 
Domain Authority, Website Traffic 
or a combination

We give our customers the flexibility to pick their links based on DA or website traffic so you can try new SEO tactics and stay at the forefront of the SEO industry.

Stumped on which option to go with?

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DA + Traffic Combo

We guarantee a guest post placement and link from a website that has a domain authority and monthly traffic in the range you select.

Domain Authority

We guarantee a guest post placement and link from the domain authority range you select. Higher DA sites pass on credibility and encourage higher rankings.

Publisher Traffic

We guarantee a guest post placement and link from a website that has monthly traffic in the range you select. Theoretically, if a site is getting higher traffic from Google, then Google sees it as an authority.

GP Process
Save Time

Guest Post Outreach Done-For-You

Manual outreach for guest posting takes time and effort that can be placed elsewhere in your business. Let us take care of it for you.

We’ve created a streamlined process to secure high-quality guest post placements within 30 days, guaranteed!


Pricing & Options

Start building
quality links
with Link Outreach today!

Select your options
I want my backlink post to have
I want the publisher's site to have a Arrow putting focus on UI input
of at least:
20 30 40 50
DA Strength
(higher is better)
20 30 40 50
DR Strength
(higher is better)
1,000 5,000 10,000 25,000
Guaranteed monthly
organic traffic
Combination DA + Traffic
Guaranteed DA30 and
organic traffic level of the publishing site.
What's included
  • High quality post with 500 words
  • Domain Authority of DA 20+
  • Published in 30 days
  • Strategic Link-Building
  • Reseller-friendly Reporting
Total Price
$150 per post
1 posts
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We want you to feel confident in every purchase you make with us, which is why we are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, contact our support within 30 days of receiving your report and we'll work with you to make it right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not able to find answers you're looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.
Getting Started with HOTH Guest Post Services
  • What information is required to place an order?

    To see what a sample input form looks like, click here.

  • What keywords can I use?

    These are high-quality in-content links so this is a good place to use your exact or partial match anchor text, but ONLY if linking to a value-driven piece of content. Most of these publications have editorial staff who will nix links if they appear SEO driven.

  • Do you accept XYZ niche / anchor?

    There are a few types of anchors that we don’t accept:
    -Geo-based keywords (IE, dentist NYC, dentist in NYC) as many publishers do not accept these, they look spammy and don’t fit naturally into a sentence.
    -Adult, pharma, or otherwise grey niches
    -Sexual Orientation based niches
    -Casino / Gambling
    -Firearm-related niches
    -Foreign (non-English) keywords
    -Politics and International News

  • What is the difference between this and other guest blogging products?

    Guest blogging is not something new and many providers offer this service, but beware, there are many services that claim they are a guest blogging service but in fact, are not.

    Many other services have a blog network that they use for posting your article, where they own all the sites. This can leave a footprint, and for a white hat product like this, that isn’t what you want. We do not use a blog network to post your articles. All the sites we post to are manually contacted and are real sites.

    Some services only include links to your site. We also link out to other non-competing authority sites to be as natural as possible.

    Beware of cheap guest posting services – you often get what you pay for.

  • Can I see or approve the article before posting?

    With this product we do not allow approval before posting, as this could compromise the power of the backlink we get you.

    However, we have written thousands of these articles and our customers love them. These are high-quality articles written for a real audience, not SEO or promotional articles.

  • What is a guest post outreach?

    Guest post outreach is the process that we use to find target sites to post content on. We first identify where your post would be most relevant, find a large list of real blogs and websites that could be potential targets.

    Then we vet them for quality – making sure they are real sites and have good metrics (based on Moz Domain Authority or traffic via SEMRush). We then pitch ideas to the blog and they agree on a suitable topic. We write a quality article and they publish it!

  • What is Boost?

    With the boost feature, we will build links to your guest post, boosting the authority and multiplying the value of the guest post link!

DA vs. Traffic: Which Is Better for Guest Posts?
  • What is Domain Authority (DA)?

    Domain Authority is a scale from 1-100 that rates the likelihood of a website to be placed in search engine results. Domain Authority is on a logarithmic scale, meaning it’s easier to go from a DA20 to a DA30 site and more difficult to go from a DA40 to a DA50 site. You can learn more about Domain Authority here.

  • Does this mean traffic that I will receive from the guest post?

    No. The metric is based on estimated traffic that the publishing site receives as a whole (data from SEMRush).

  • Which is better, DA or Traffic?

    Great question!

    First, it’s important to point out that DA & Traffic are not mutually exclusive. The vast majority of sites that we sell based on DA have good traffic, and the vast majority of sites that we sell based on traffic also have good DA.

    Traditionally, the SEO industry and our buyers have preferred higher Domain Authority sites, which pass link equity and encourage higher rankings. Normally, a site with high DA also has good traffic, and vice versa.

    Recently our customers have been asking for sites that have guaranteed traffic. The thought that if the site is getting traffic from Google, then Google sees it as an authority.

    We decided to give our customers the flexibility to pick their links based on DA or website traffic so you can try new SEO tactics & stay at the forefront of the SEO industry.

    At the end of the day, all of the sites that we find to accept your guest posts will be high-quality, so selecting either DA or Traffic will give you a great link. It simply comes down to your personal preference and your preferred way of measuring a linking site’s quality.

    And if you want to choose a guest post site with high DA AND traffic, you can choose both.

  • Do links from guest posts on websites with a lower domain authority help increase my site's authority?

    Yes. Backlinks to your website are like votes: the more websites that link to you, the better. Not all votes are equal. A link from a DA30 website to yours carries more value than a DA20 link. Both links help even if your website is DA40.

HOTH Guest Post Results & Deliverables
  • Can I see some samples?

    Here’s are samples of DA Guest Posts and here’s a sample of a traffic Guest Post. Enjoy!

  • What is the turnaround time?

    Turnaround for this product is around 30 days.

  • How long does it take for a Guest Post to be indexed by Google?

    This depends on how fast Google crawls the site. Sometimes it may take a few days and sometimes it may take a few weeks. We send your report as soon as the post is completed, so there is a possibility it may not be indexed right when you receive it.

    With that said, we guarantee every guest post will be indexed, so if you find it’s still not after a few weeks, let us know and we will look into it for you!

  • What happens if my links go down?

    We guarantee to fix or replace any links that go down or bad for 90 days. This usually doesn’t happen, but we put this guarantee here for your protection.

  • When it comes to link placements, what is your duplicate domain guarantee?

    Current product parameters guarantee no repeat domains will be used for placements for a minimum of 6 months.

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