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Marketing tends to take a backseat for some small businesses because they don’t have the time, staff, or skill set to do it right.

The problem is you need effective marketing to make a profit and grow your business.

The HOTH offers a range of SEO and PPC services that can help you make those big marketing gains and refocus your time on operational priorities.

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HOTH X: Fully Managed SEO Services

Our best-selling digital marketing service is HOTH X. Clients love this program because they have access to all of our services like content writing, link building, and more.

Clients are also assigned a dedicated campaign manager to work with them one-on-one to build a customized strategy for success.

The beauty of HOTH X for small businesses is being able to set their digital marketing on autopilot.

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HOTH PPC: Managing Your Google Ads

Running a successful paid ad campaign isn’t easy. It requires hours of monitoring and adjustments, and without expert knowledge of the ad platform, it’s easy to waste thousands of dollars.

HOTH PPC managers are experienced, Google Ads certified, and our company has been recognized as an official Google Partner.

We create ads that deliver more leads and we help small businesses to build high-converting landing pages.

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  • Safeguard Pest Control

  • Grobo

  • Yes Career Coaching


  • Blog Manager

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Products Designed To Grow Your Business

Our management services take a more holistic approach to digital marketing, yet HOTH clients can still choose what services they need.

  • HOTH Blogger
  • HOTH Guest Post
  • HOTH Web Copy
  • HOTH Video
  • HOTH Foundations
  • And More!

This customizable option is perfect for small businesses who have aggressive marketing plans in place but want a HOTH SEO boost.

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Do you need help with your digital marketing? We offer customizable services and management packages for businesses of all sizes.

By working with us you get expert knowledge, years of SEO experience, and full transparency about your campaign. Give us a call and let’s discuss your goals.

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How HOTH Small Business Works

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Pick a time that's convenient to discuss pricing, plans, ideas, and everything in between. We'll put together a roadmap to help your business grow!

Strategy & Execution

After our initial call, we'll move forward with one or several of our SEO & PPC services to help your reach more customers. Depending on the product, you can choose between a hands-on or completely hands-off experience.

Watch Your Business Grow!

Once we get started, all you've got to do is sit back, relax, and watch your business grow. We deliver real, measurable results in our reporting and guarantee timely updates.

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