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11K+ businesses and clients empowered to succeed through our expertise.

HOTHX Advantage | Experience
Proven Effective

We achieved 14.5 Million+ traffic growth, for our clients.

HOTHX Advantage | Experience

4.8-star rating on Google My Business, reflecting our exceptional service.


Here’s what’s going to happen next

Campaign Research
Your campaign manager analyzes your SEO, your competitors, and your niche, to create an SEO strategy that works.
Your Strategy Call
You meet with your campaign manager to go over your SEO Strategy and make sure that it aligns with your goals.
Build Consistently
Every month, your campaign manager executes your SEO strategy using HOTH SEO Products.
Track Results
Your compaign manager provides you with regular progress updates for your campaign!
Case Studies

Check Out Our Success Stories

Career Coach Case Study

Career Coach Case Study

Learn how YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing increased their organic traffic by over 1,200% and grew revenue by 45% after signing up for HOTH X, our best-selling managed SEO service.

Water Company Link Building

Water Company Link Building

Do you want more traffic for your online business? This case study will explain how we helped a client in the water sanitation and purification industry to leverage link building for a 19,233% increase in monthly visitors.

Vacation Shuttle SEO Case Study

Vacation Shuttle SEO Case Study

Vacation shuttle services depend on web traffic to deliver new clients. Check out this case study to learn how we helped Punta Cana Transfer to boost its traffic 10x by ranking for more keywords and earning links.

CBD SEO Case Study

CBD SEO Case Study

We helped an online CBD seller to get more traffic to their site by increasing their ranking keywords and earning 700% more backlinks. Read this case study to learn how we boosted their CBD SEO!

Orthodontics SEO Case Study

Orthodontics SEO Case Study

Backlinks are the ultimate vote of confidence for any business. Healthcare businesses like orthodontics practices want to demonstrate their expertise to clients and the best way to do that is by gaining new links. Read this case study to learn how we helped gain 270% more links for our client using orthodontics SEO.

Oral Surgery SEO Case Study

Oral Surgery SEO Case Study

Read this exciting case study to learn how we grew an oral surgery clinic's traffic from 200 to over 3,000 monthly visitors by using HOTH X. The final result for our client was more online visitors, more patients, and more profit!

HOTH X Orthodontics SEO Case Study

HOTH X Orthodontics SEO Case Study

An orthodontics practice reached out to us for help in growing its business by attracting new patients. This case study will discuss how we increased their traffic to over 10,000 visitors per month by securing 357% more backlinks. Click here to find out how! Image courtesy of

Senior Living SEO Case Study

Senior Living SEO Case Study

There are so many senior living centers competing for the same prospective residents. Read how one center in Kentucky used HOTH X to quadruple their ranking keywords and boost their senior living SEO to earn a record number of new online visitors.

Real Estate SEO Case Study

Real Estate SEO Case Study

There are so many companies operating in the world of real estate SEO. This case study will describe how we helped a real estate investment company to double its backlinks and boost rankings.

CBD B2B SEO Case Study

CBD B2B SEO Case Study

A CBD business serving as a B2B supplier of hemp products to shops across the country reached out to us for help with their traffic, ranking keywords, and backlinks. Read this case study to learn how we helped boost their CBD B2B SEO in only twelve months!

Builder PPC Case Study

Builder PPC Case Study

There's always a lot of competition in the construction industry but in this case study you'll find out how we used paid advertising to increase one builder's conversions 3X! Read more about our HOTH Builder PPC!

Ad Agency Sees 2x Net Income YOY with HOTH Reseller Service

Ad Agency Sees 2x Net Income YOY with HOTH Reseller Service

An experienced regional ad agency with 14 years under their belt began using our white-label SEO reseller program in 2018. What began as a single order for some link outreach soon blossomed into 5 years of providing SEO, content creation, and link-building services for their clients. Stay tuned to learn about this client’s exciting growth journey using our white-label SEO reseller program.


Why Do Clients Love the HOTH?

Our Secret for Faster Results

Our campaign managers rock at getting results fast! Here are some of their favorite tools for the job:

Eas•y Wins
(n.) Keywords you are currently ranking for, just not at the top. By optimizing these keywords & pages, you can get quicker traffic boosts!
What Are You Waiting for?

Easy Wins Analysis

We use your Easy Wins Analysis to find keywords that you are ranking f font-normalor in positions 3 through 40. Then we target those keywords with an aggressive backlinking strategy for a fast and easy traffic boost.

Keyword Gap Analysis
Don’t Reinvent the Wheel.

Content Gap Analysis

Our campaign managers find your most succesful SEO competitors and recreate their best content. This simple hack gives you the competive advantage needed to start dominating your niche.

How Long Until You See Results?

There are four primary factors: Your budget, your current rankings, your niche, and Google.

Common SEO Timelines (varies by campaign):

1 to 4 months
During the initial phase (1-4 months), no noticeable improvement is expected.
4 to 6 Months
In the second phase (4-6 months), you'll start seeing improvement.
6 to 12 Months
The third phase (6-12 months) brings steady improvement. Your efforts will pay off during this period.
12 - 16 Months
In the final phase (12-16 months), expect the fastest growth and best results!
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The HOTH X Product Suite

You have access to the full range of HOTH products within your campaign

Best Seller


Drive more targeted traffic to your site or local business with our fully managed SEO campaign.

$70 - $480
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Best Seller

HOTHLink Outreach

Show Google you're an expert and improve your rankings with our most popular backlinking product. We offer placements based on domain authority, traffic, or both!

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HOTHLink Insertions

Grow your site’s authority, organic traffic, and reach, with done-for-you link insertion campaigns.

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HOTHWeb Copy

Drive more targeted traffic to your site or local business with our fully managed SEO campaign.

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Reach New Audiences With Guaranteed Publisher Placement on Media Websites.

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HOTHBusiness Listings

Get listed in the top local and industry directories to increase your local prominence and get more visibility.

$149 - $549
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Get a press release professionally written and distributed to 30,000+ journalists as well as the Associated Press.

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HOTHTechnical SEO

Get a comprehensive analysis of your website’s technical elements, identifying the structural issues that are hindering your site– and, your business’s– performance.

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