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Orthodontics SEO Earns Client 270% More Links [A Hoth X Case Study]

Google “orthodontist” or “dentist” in your city and there are probably a dozen or more different practices to choose from, and most of them, if not all, have an active online presence.

If you’re looking to expand your practice and get more customers through the door then it’s time to optimize your website for search engines.

A professional SEO agency like The HOTH can help you do it the right way and gain you more web visitors than you ever thought possible.

The following case study will describe how we helped an orthodontics practice increase its backlinks by 270%, resulting in a 5X increase in traffic.

Keep reading below to find out how we did it!


An orthodontics practice in Utah started working with us way back in 2016, and they’ve been satisfied with our SEO services enough to stay on for six years.

We’ve done a little bit of everything for this client’s SEO over the years but it wasn’t until they enrolled in our fully-managed SEO service, HOTH X, that things really skyrocketed for them.

One thing we didn’t have to worry about was this client’s site design. Not only is it gorgeously designed but their site is user-friendly and informative, and they offer multiple ways to communicate with leads including a live chat feature.

The way a client’s website is designed and structured is a key factor in improving their SEO because Google is now putting more emphasis on user experience.

Our team would have to fix any structural issues for a client before we could start optimizing their orthodontics SEO. This wasn’t the case with the orthodontic practice.

The first thing we needed to do in HOTH X was complete a full SEO audit to see what was already working on their website and what needed to be fixed.

Our SEO Audit Findings

Before we can help any client, we take a look at their keywords, on-page SEO, content, and active links.

This is part of a full SEO audit to find out how we can develop new strategies that deliver real results.

When they first started working with us we earned them around 60 visitors per month and that amount fluctuated because they ordered our services a la carte versus combining multiple products to maximize results.

Their ranking keywords also jumped to 136 but also dropped because effective SEO is all about consistency. It takes months or years for a business to get the results they’re looking for and they can’t pull back if things start going well.

Backlinks also remained steady but didn’t grow higher than 15.

The orthodontics practice made some modest gains with us but they needed a strategic plan to get their SEO rolling.

That’s when we knew it was the perfect time for the client to enroll in HOTH X so they could take advantage of multiple SEO products at the same time and work 1-on-1 with a dedicated campaign manager.

We needed to build them a comprehensive SEO plan and assist them in managing all of the moving parts, and that’s exactly what we did!

“Easy Wins” Keyword Analysis

The first step in this client’s new orthodontics SEO strategy was to identify any “easy win” keywords. These are keywords the client is already ranking for in positions 4-30.

Using “easy win” keywords is taking advantage of what is already working for a client. We don’t always need to reinvent the wheel.

Our team also likes starting with “easy win” keywords because it provides the client with a quick traffic boost.

Results from an SEO strategy can take months, so adding those “easy win” keywords in the beginning can help stabilize a client’s business.

We found over 175 “easy win” keywords such as “adult braces cost,” “braces on kids” or “age to get braces.”

These keywords were very helpful in generating traffic. The term “adult braces cost” was ranked in position 10, for example, but had a search volume of over 1,600.

Our SEO team selected “easy win” keywords that perfectly matched the client’s business and then added them to web pages and content.

Competitive Gap Analysis

There are thousands of orthodontic practices across the country with websites that help promote their services and products.

Some of these practices are very similar to this client. Others include orthodontics as part of a larger office with comprehensive dental services.

For this reason, we always develop individualized SEO plans for clients. No two businesses are alike so we can’t do the same thing over and over again.

It’s always helpful to conduct a competitive gap analysis before we implement new SEO plans.

We can find out what high-performing keywords work for the competition and perhaps incorporate some of them into our plan, as long as they are appropriate for the client’s business.

Our SEO team uncovered 50 domains that were in direct competition with our client.

One of our client’s most similar competitors, an orthodontics practice in Texas, shared 120 keywords with them.

After a deeper look, we saw that this practice also ranked for 295 unique keywords: “how much are braces,” “fluorosis,” and “triangles between teeth.”

These keywords could be used in our new campaign.

Our New Orthodontics SEO Campaign

We had a lot of SEO & PPC services to choose from when building this client’s new SEO campaign. Being a member of HOTH X meant every product we have to offer is at their disposal.

Here are some of the HOTH X services they accessed:

We started off by optimizing the client’s content using HOTH Blogger and HOTH Web Copy.

They already had a blog so our team of writers composed new SEO-optimized posts that could be published consistently to drive more traffic to their site.

Each blog contained high-performing keywords and ranged from 500 to 2,000 words.

At the same time, our HOTH Web Copy division started rewriting many of their pages to ensure they included the best keywords. They also focused on writing copy that would increase conversions.

Using popular keywords as inspiration for content, the HOTH Guest Post team started writing several articles that could be published on different sites with a link back to our client’s page.

That’s Link Building 101!

But, we make link building easier for our clients by writing the posts and publishing them across our own network of reliable, high DA sites.

Different guest posts were written on how to avoid cavities, tips on choosing a pediatric dentist, establishing oral hygiene habits for children, and information about the different types of braces.

The client also used HOTH Syndication to leverage high-performing content. They selected their best piece of content and we syndicated it to 300+ major publishers, resulting in more links, traffic, and brand recognition.

As you can tell, we were very busy with this orthodontics SEO campaign but the results were well worth it!

Keep scrolling to find out what happened.

The SEO Results

You can see what happened with this client’s orthodontics SEO after they decided to enroll in HOTH X.

Small growth was being made but once we nailed down a specific, comprehensive SEO campaign through HOTH X, their traffic spiked from 25 to 165 visitors per month.

A chart showing how the client's traffic 25 to 165 visitors per month.

Our team optimized their on-page SEO, web copy, and content, and we were excited to learn that their ranking keywords went from 50 to 595.

These new ranking keywords were a big factor in boosting the client’s overall web traffic.

A chart showing how the practice's ranking keywords increased from 50 to 595.

And finally, after the many guest posts we created and published for the client, we increased their links from 10 to 37.

That’s a 270% jump in backlinks!

Check out the chart below:

A chart showing the orthodontics practice experienced a 270% increase in backlinks.


Individual SEO products can earn you more traffic or links, but in the long term, you need a comprehensive SEO strategy to jumpstart your site and maintain your gains.

Our client, the orthodontics practice, used our services for years.

They had experienced some periods of mild growth but our fully managed SEO program sent their metrics through the roof!

Our experienced HOTH X campaign managers can take a look under your hood and find out exactly what your site needs to beat the competition.

Would you like to learn more about HOTH X or how it can help your site?

Book a call with one of our SEO consultants and we can have a conversation about your goals.