April 2018 SEO Deal: Get Up To A 20% BONUS in HOTH Credits + BIG KAHUNA IS BACK!


This month when you purchase HOTH Credits in bulk, you can and get a big bonus up to 20%!

From today until April 30, 2018, we’re going to give you a bonus when you purchase a certain amount of credits:

  • 10% bonus on any credits purchase of $5,000-$9,999
  • 15% bonus on any credits purchase of $10,000+
  • 20% bonus on any credits purchase of $50,000+ (see “Big Kahuna” below)

Buying HOTH Credits is awesome because:

  • The credits never expire.
  • They can be used for any service in the dashboard.
  • They can be combined with any future discounts, bulk buyer program, etc.
  • You can buy them on a credit card and get the points.
  • They are essentially HOTH Cash.

After purchase, just shoot a message to support@thehoth.com and we will manually add your bonus credits.

Want to save even more? Well I have a special offer for you…

***The BIG KAHUNA Offer – Only 5 Available***

At the end of last year we put out our first ever “Big Kahuna” offer – a chance to come meet us in person to work on your business and we SOLD OUT every spot.

Now we’re reopening this exclusive offer once more, but we only have 5 spots available.

Here’s the skinny on The Big Kahuna Offer:

In the last 3 years we have more than 10X’d The HOTH to over a $1MM per month in revenue. 10 out of the last 12 months were our biggest month ever, meaning we have sustained growth month over month. We’ve been featured in Tampa Bay Fast 50 and The Inc 5000 – we are one of the fastest growing private companies in the US.

This was done through an intricate system of marketing, sales, automation and company culture.

If you want to see this type of growth in your company, then this offer is for you:

We want to work with you on your business and help you create an explosive growth & marketing system.

If you purchase $50k in credits, you’ll not only get the credits, the bonus credits (20%), we’ll also invite you down to a private mastermind about YOUR business here in St. Petersburg FL to work directly with us.

The 2 day mastermind will be tailored to your business specifically.

During the mastermind we will:

  • Show you behind the scenes how we’ve been able to achieve such rapid, sustained growth
  • Dissect your business
  • Create a 2018 marketing plan
  • Show you our paid traffic hacks
  • Show you our SEO traffic hacks
  • Set up a killer email marketing plan
  • Go behind the scenes on our marketing automation
  • Show you how we get people lining up to talk to us – sales strategy
  • Show you how to position your products to come out on top
  • Show you how to create a content marketing machine (it’s like building an army of soldiers).

…And much much more.

You’ll meet with the partners of The HOTH as well as leadership in the key departments (marketing, sales, ops) for a transparent breakdown of everything you could want to know.

This is a very limited opportunity and we’ve never given anyone such transparent access to what goes on behind the scenes.

This is the deal of the century because not only will this be an insanely valuable mastermind, you essentially get it for free.

The $50,000 in credits still goes toward future purchases, and we’re giving you an additional $10,000 in credits as a bonus.

We only have 5 spots available for this.

Click here to purchase $50k in credits, get the 20% bonus, AND the mastermind.

After your purchase, we’ll reach out to schedule the mastermind and to drop your bonus credits.

The fine print:
-Airfare & Lodging not included