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Completely Managed Google Ads
Advanced PPC Strategy
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Keyword Research
High CTR Ad Copy
Beautiful Landing Pages
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Dedicated Campaign Manager
Transparent Reporting Dashboard

Ongoing Optimization
Ad Split Testing


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  • HOTH PPC Is Best Suited For:


    1. Businesses who are already generating consistent sales
    If you are not getting consistent sales, you should use organic or free methods to confirm product-market fit before trying to scale with PPC.

    2. Businesses that can spend a minimum of $250 per month in Adspend
    In order to get enough data, you need to spend enough.

    3. Businesses that can commit to at least 3 months.
    The launch phase of a campaign is the most important as we find the keywords that are converting and optimize the campaigns. Although we have no contracts, you’ll want to stick around for at least 3 months so we can hone in the campaigns.


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