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  • What Is HOTH Private Vault?

    We know how getting REAL high quality editorial links is not always easy. Quality is always a question, vendors disappear, and you want someone you can trust.

    That’s why we created HOTH Private Vault. Over the last 5 years we’ve been shaking hands, making connections, and brokering deals with seasoned writers from the highest quality publications online.

    This is your chance to use our years’ building connections to get amazing, high quality, world-class editorial links from the best sites in the world, all from a vendor you know you can trust.



  • Permanent Editorial Links, White Hat Links on Niche Sites
  • World Class Links

    We’ve spent years creating relationships with writers, publishers, and vendors and have hand crafted a list of opportunities for you.

    These are not just any links – these are the best of the best. All the writers are real, and all the sites are well known.

    These links pack a powerful punch – And when your client wants only the best, that’s when you break out the Private Vault.

    These links will make you look like you pulled a miracle, and you’ll have rankings to show as well.



How It Works

  • Step 1
    Select Your Placements

    Select your placements from our exclusive, private vault members-only list.

  • Step 2
    Writing & Publishing

    Our writers at your selected publications will craft a magazine quality article and publish it on the site they have credentials to. Turnaround can vary as these are real sites that go through an editorial process.
  • Step 3
    White Label Reporting

    We’ll deliver a 100% white label report for you to see the work that was done.



Placements & Pricing

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What is the turnaround time
Generally 4 weeks however we are at the will of the publisher, so it may take longer than normal. Don’t worry, it will be worth the wait 🙂

Are these links guaranteed?
We guarantee that you will receive a link on your selected publication or we will refund 100% of your order.

Can I choose the anchor text?
You can request an anchor text however it’s up to the writer and editorial staff. These types of posts are much less likely to have an unnatural / commercial anchor text pass through. Remember these are real publications that go through an editorial process and some require that you have high quality content on your site to link to.