The HOTH + Vendasta

Seamlessly sell HOTH services using the Vendasta platform.

The HOTH integrates with Vendasta, the premier platform to market, sell, bill, and fulfill digital services. If you’ve been looking to grow your product suite and scale your business in one unified platform, then Vendasta is for you!

Plus, with our easy-to-use Vendasta integration, you can now resell The HOTH’s powerful products with no sweat off your back. Your customers will never see The HOTH’s name or branding, and you can set your own prices to maximize your profit.

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Vendasta Tuturial Videos

How to set up your Vendsata store with HOTH services.

  • 1) How to add HOTH products to your Vendasta store

  • 2) Inside our White Label Approval Hub

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Additional Resources

Here are some resources to help you get started reslling The HOTH’s services.



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General FAQ

Which HOTH products can I currently resell through Vendasta?

We’re working hard to offer all our products through Vendasta, however, at the moment these are the products we have available:

  • HOTH Blogger – as “Custom Blog Content”

If I decide to resell HOTH products, can I still resell other company’s products?

Yes you can. Vendasta is designed to let resellers pick and choose what products and what businesses products they’d like to offer in their Vendasta store.

How do I find your products inside Vendasta?

Once in Vendasta, click on “Discover Products” in the left side bar. To find our blog content, search for “custom blob content” and then add it to your store!

What is your typical turnaround time?

The typical turnaround time for blog content is 2 weeks or less; on average 7 days.

What if my client doesn’t like the article?

With the white-label approval hub, the client can request edits that are sent straight to us! The writer will make revisions and send it back for review. However, we see a 95% first time client approval rating.