April 2017 MEGA Special

HOTH Mega SEO Special

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UPDATE: Get ready HOTH Nation, because we are extending this special MEGA sale through the end of today (May 1, 2017). So you have one more chance to take advantage of this incredible deal!!


Today we are launching a HUGE SEO special where you can get our 2 BEST products together to really drive traffic to your site at a huge discount!

You see, we’ve been seeing awesome results with our MEGA packages – Tons of first page rankings.

These are our managed SEO packages that bundle our link building products together + strategy + done for you keyword research + a huge discount.

The results speak for themselves:

Check out these results from our MEGA program.

Check out these results from our MEGA program.


But in 2017, we’ve also been seeing traffic spikes from clients in our HOTH Blogger program where we create targeted, SEO-optimized blog content.

Check these out:

This client signed up for Blogger and in 1 month saw traffic start to grow:

HOTH Blogger

HOTH Blogger


This client below started building links with us in Oct of last year, then hopped on a Blogger 4 Posts package in Nov. You can see it started trending up around November and then shot up after we delivered the posts!

HOTH Blogger 4 Posts per month

HOTH Blogger 4 Posts per month


This client below started using Blogger after the traffic had been flatlined for most of the year, and as soon as we started delivering optimized blog content, traffic went up:


What you need for huge traffic increases in 2017

By FAR, the best combination to get real targeted traffic results is to combine both link building (with a specific strategy) while adding SEO-optimized content to your website.

Adding the content to your blog shows Google that your website is being updated constantly and is a RESOURCE for your customers.

But you can’t just do random link building or post random articles.

Your link building has to have a strategy to it – and your blog content needs to as well.

That’s why we’ve baked in a well-refined strategy for both the MEGA packages as well as HOTH Blogger!

So how about we give you BOTH components – at a steal of a price?

Our Crazy April 2017 ONLY Deal:

This month, when you hop into one of our MEGA packages, you’ll not only get the done-for-you SEO strategy, the baked in 20%+ discount, a 1-on-1 consultant to make your campaign for you and set up everything, but we’re going to throw in our blog content product (HOTH Blogger) for FREE.

Here are the details:

  • Get a HOTH MEGA Small – Get 2 HOTH Blogger 1000 word post for FREE ($130 Value)
  • Get a HOTH MEGA Medium – Get 4 HOTH Blogger 1000 word posts for FREE ($240 Value)
  • Get a HOTH MEGA Large – Get 8 HOTH Blogger 1000 word posts for FREE ($480 Value)

You’ll be getting HOTH Blogger for free the first month. Then, every month after this you’ll continue to keep getting awesome content to your blog at the normal price. Cancel any time!

How To Get The Deal

Just purchase any HOTH MEGA and your FREE HOTH Blogger order will automatically be added!

The HOTH MEGA is a one-time purchase, and the Blogger is a monthly recurring package. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime from your subscriptions tab.

This is the most power packed deal we’ve ever offered – and the deal ends on April 30 May 1, 2017. Don’t miss out on this!

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Any questions? Just shoot us an email at support@thehoth.com!

***This promo has ended, please sign up below for future HOTH deals!***

-The HOTH Crew

P.S. We designed the HOTH Blogger product to be different than anything out there in the market with a well-defined strategy.

Right now, it’s our fastest growing product – And people are loving it. Check out what our clients are saying!












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