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Local SEO: The Ultimate Guide

Local Link Building

Getting links to your website is as important with Local SEO as it is with any other type of SEO, and many of the same techniques work here.

This includes the need to publish valuable content for your audience, promote to relevant influencers, guest post in other blogs, and get links on relevant resource listings.

What distinguishes local link building from general link building is its specificity. You should aim to place your links in more locally targeted resource listings and blogs.

We assume you already know what valuable content is, how to promote to influencers, and all the other usual things we’ve already mentioned.

Local Business Listings Links

Let’s head straight to what’s new: finding your locally targeted leads. Whitespark has created a list of the top 50 local citation sites by country that you can refer to.

If that comprehensive list failed to cover everything you need, you can also find more local leads by mining on Google.

Below are combinations of queries you can use for business listings and directories:

[location] business listings
[location] business directory
[location] directory

[business type keyword] business listings [location]
[business type keyword] business directory [location]
[business type keyword] directory [location]

For trade organizations:

[location] [business type keyword] alliance
[location] [business type keyword] association
[location] [business type keyword] council
[location] [business type keyword] society

Strategies to get local links

Gather the results of your search into a spreadsheet and organize by priority—which ones to connect with first, depending on their relevance and influence.

  • Reach out to get your business listed in the most relevant business directories. (Or use our citation building service.
  • Join the most active, massive, trade-based organizations related to your business.
  • Partner with charities, non-profit organizations, or schools. Offer services, sponsorships, scholarships, or even an office space to host their events.
  • Participate in or spearhead community events.
  • Mine your connections to set up an interview with prominent local figures (such as elected officials) then pitch it to your local newspapers.
  • Network with local bloggers and other small businesses in your area. Choose which ones are the most relevant connections, and open up a link or promotion exchange.
  • Open a mentoring program, whether for the community or for local schools
  • Speak at your alma mater’s next events, or, even better, grant an interview.

Once you do any of these things, pitch the announcement or story to your local newspaper.

Why are these important?

Getting featured by any of these local resources may yield you some very authoritative .edu, .org, and .gov links.

One local link building case study cited on Moz, where the owner opened a local scholarship, got featured in their local paper, and even got so far as to get a link from the Wall Street Journal.

Wall Street Journal

Even better, participating actively in these local events not only gives your local SEO a boost, it will increase your local visibility—and, if you deliver your projects right, boost your reputation within your local community.

What establishment would the locals rather support? The business that keeps posting about how good they are on their blog and on social media, but have yet to make any connection with their locality, or the business with an active presence and consistently makes a positive impact to the community?

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