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Local SEO: The Ultimate Guide

Local SEO Ranking Factors

When we think about Local SEO, we can divide it into 2 parts:

  1. What influences the map / 3 pack rankings, and other map results
  2. What influences organic listing rankings

So what influences these rankings? Let’s take a look at the data!

Local SEO Pack / Map Rankings Factors

Check out this local SEO case study by Moz:

Local Map Pack Ranking Factors

You can see the #1 factor is My Business Signals – Which means you’ll need to properly optimize your Google My Business listing. (We’ll cover that in a bit more depth below).

Going down the list you can see that links are very important, as well as onPage signals from your website, citation signals, and reviews.

Some call this a “blended algorithm” – previously, map results were less influenced by your website’s ranking signals, but now the two are intertwined. If you’re not ranking in maps, it may be because you need stronger signals to your website.

Let’s talk about that:

Organic Listing / Website Ranking Factors:

This is about the section below the maps in the organic results. Referring to the same Moz Study, here’s the top ranking factors:

Localized Organic Ranking Factors

You can see here the #1 ranking factor is link signals. Links still remain a vital part of ranking organically.

As we go down the list, we see OnPage signals (optimizing your website with appropriate keywords and content), behavioral signals, personalization, and NAP citation signals.

We’ll consider all these factors in this guide!

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