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How To Use Google Posts

One feature that Google My Business users should look into are Google Posts. Google Posts allow business owners to share announcements, offers, news and other content from their Google My Business account.

This content can show up in Google search or Google maps when someone does an online search in Google.

Some marketers also believe that creating Google Posts can help businesses rank higher in the organic search results. In this case study, A marketing agency successfully increased organic traffic and search rankings for a local garage flooring company and a church by create two Google posts per week over a period of 3 weeks.

Patient Pop also tested Google Posts with their clients and found that using Google Posts increased the number of booked appointments by an average of 11%.

So what types of content can you create in Google Posts? And how can you optimize your results?

Let’s take a look…

Event Posts Vs. Regular Posts

Google posts allow you to create regular posts or event posts. Posts are required to have a minimum of 100 words and can have a maximum of 300 words.

Regular posts expire after 7 days and can be used for business announcement, news or status updates. Since standard Google Posts only last for 7 days, ideally, you should strive to create at least one new post each week.

Event posts last until the event is over, so they can drive traffic and customers for a longer period of time.

Both types of posts can be helpful for driving online traffic to your website and business. Asides from showing up on your Google business profile, Google Posts are also indexed and can show up in independent search results.

Google also allows you to schedule your Google posts in advanced or save them as drafts so that you can publish them later. Google keeps up to date information on how to create Google posts in their help section.

Adding Images To Google Posts

Another great feature of Google Posts is the ability to add an image to your post. Adding an image can increase user click-through rates and engagement, so be sure to take advantage of this feature.

Images must be at least 400 x 300 pixels (10 kb) in size and no larger than 10,000 x 10,000 pixels (25 MB).

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