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How To Use Google Posts

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Do you need to let your customers know you have an awesome new service available? How about a brand new dish that will be served on Saturdays only? 

Google Post features are short posts similar to other social media posts, Google posts let you include a picture, a video, a link, and even a (call-to-action button) CTA button.  

This content can show up in Google search and maps when someone does an online search Google. Some marketers also believe that creating Google Posts can help businesses rank higher in the organic search results.

Not only can Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business or GMB) posts can help improve your local search rankings, but they also increase the number of actions taken on your profile. 

In this guide you’ll learn how to use Google Posts, learn why they are important, and everything else you need to know about Google Posts and Google Business Profile

Are you ready?

Let’s jump in!

How to Find Google Posts

Here is a brief step-by-step to help you create a post:

  • Claim and verify your Google Business Profile account
  • Click on your Business listings
  • On the left-hand side, there should be a “Posts” button
  • Click “add post” to write your message
  • Include your description, a photo, a call to action, and an event date or end date and time if needed 

As an additional tip, don’t forget to keep Google’s Business Profile content policy in mind. 

Here is an example of a Google Post

Sample Google Post Responsive Search Ads

How to track your Google post

You need to use UTM codes in order to use Google Analytics to measure the success of your Google Post. You can create a link for this method by using Google’s campaign builder.

You will want to make sure that you include a unique identifier for the listing on Google Analytics. That’s why creating a link is an important step, especially if you are a multi-location business. 

Image of Google Post set up

Make sure you fill out the following categories:

  • Website URL (or landing page)
  • Campaign Source
  • Campaign Medium

With Google Analytics, you can view various performances such as new users, bounce rate, page per session, and goal conversion information. 

To be able to see the traffic from a specific post inside of Google Analytics, you will want to open the “Source Medium Report” and use “Campaign” as the first dimension, and “Ad Content” as the secondary dimension.

Tips for your Google Post optimization

In terms of SEO, Google Posts also show up in the Knowledge Panel Graph when viewed on a desktop and in a carousel format on mobile devices. Posts are also one of the first things people see when they search for your brand name in local business Google search results. 

With that said, here are some tips for keeping your Google Posts high-quality and optimized:

  • Post regularly (or as often as possible)
  • Publish different post types
  • Be promotional and keep your brand’s voice in mind
  • Use captivating images
  • Create actionable headlines
  • Include CTAs on every post

Adding Images To Google Posts

As I briefly mentioned above, use captivating images in your posts. Adding an image can increase user click-through rates and engagement, so be sure to take advantage of this feature.

Actually, using images in Google Business Profile can increase revenue per visitor by at least 17%

As an additional tip, images must be at least 400 x 300 pixels (10 kb) in size and no larger than 10,000 x 10,000 pixels (25 MB).

What are the benefits of using Google posts?

They are searchable

When searching for a business, Google posts will appear directly on Google search and Google maps pages

Your location, and phone number, will show up in the knowledge panel on the right-hand side of a Google search. With the right type of post, you generate more traffic to your business. 

In fact, mobile local searches lead 50 percent of viewers to visit stores within a day.

They will expand your reach

According to recent studies, Google averages over 5 billion searches per day, whereas Facebook accumulates 2 billion searches per day. In addition, a whopping 82% of people turn to search engines to find out local information. 

They are included in keyword searches

Similar to traditional SEO, on Google posts, you can use keywords to target your audience. These are usually people who are already looking for your business or a service like yours. That means that they are more likely to convert and become a sale further down the buyer’s journey. 

They have an impact on your ranking in SERPs

When a business posts new content directly through Google Business Profile, they are sharing relevant content and information with locals. This also tells Google that your business is legit and trustworthy. The higher ranking you have, the better chance you have at appearing on Google’s front page.

They help you connect with your customers directly

You can include CTA buttons on all of your GBP posts which will connect you to your customers directly.

With that said, here are a few examples of CTAS:

Different Types of Posts for your Business Listing (Google My Business Listing)

Google posts allow you to create regular posts or event posts that have a date range. Posts are required to have a minimum of 100 words and can have a maximum of 300 words.

Here are a few different types of posts that may appear on results pages

  • What’s new
  • Upcoming Events
  • Get offers (such as a coupon code)
  • Products

Regular posts or “What’s New” posts expire and have an end time. After 7 days and can be used for business announcements, news, or status updates. Since standard Google Posts only last for 7 days, ideally, you should strive to create at least one new post each week.

Event posts last until the event is over, so they can drive traffic and customers for a longer period of time. 

Business owners can create “get offer” posts and product posts allow you to promote any offers that you are currently having. You can also put the spotlight on a new product you are currently trying to sell more of. Creating these posts can help your digital marketing strategy succeed. 

These types of posts can be helpful for driving online traffic to your website and business. Asides from showing up on your Google business profile, Google Posts are also indexed and can show up in independent search results.

Google also allows you to schedule your Google posts in advance or save them as drafts so that you can publish them later. Google keeps up-to-date information on how to create Google posts in their help section.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

Google Posts is still a relatively new feature, but it can be incredibly valuable to local businesses

Other social media platforms are saturated with businesses looking to promote their brand and expand their audiences, whereas Google Posts can be targeted and be displayed during a Google search

If you aren’t really sure where to start, try HOTH X or if you don’t know which service would be best for your business, book a call with one of our SEO experts today!

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