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  • YouTube Tools: Top Tools to Optimize Your Videos for Youtube

    More than half of marketers worldwide agree: of all content types surveyed, video marketing delivers the best ROI. And when users want to watch videos for free, what’s the first site they usually visit? Youtube. With over one billion users who search and watch more than half a billion hours of videos per day, Youtube is where […]

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  • How To Stay Safe While Doing SEO

    How To Stay Safe With SEO

    I have a question for you… Are you worried about the future of SEO? A lot of people are. Every time Google changes their algorithm, or releases a new “animal” update, the industry panics and it can seem like the world of SEO is doomed forever. Let me tell you a secret — It’s not […]

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  • How To Build Your First 100 Backlinks In 30 Days Or Less

    how to get your first 100 backlinks

    Want to get your site ranking and established in the serps? By building your first 100 links, you’ll not only drastically increase your site’s authority – you’ll prime it to rank for tons of keywords! Building 100 links is simply a matter of some hard work, the right strategies, and knowing how to implement those […]

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  • HOTH Radio Holiday Show With SEO Chef Chris Romero

    In this very special edition of HOTH Radio, SEO Chef Chris Romero cooks up a delightful episode talking about Video SEO, Keyword Rankings, Link Building, and more. Mentioned in this episode: Video SEO HOTH Video Hitt’em Over The Heart Charity Award We hope you enjoy our holiday show. Let us know what you think in […]

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  • Google Search Quality Guidelines: Top 16 Things You Need to Know

    googles search quality guidelines

    Just in: Google has recently updated their Google Search Quality Guidelines, and we’ve prepared a TLDR version of the most important things you need to know. First, for the uninitiated, the Google Search Quality Guidelines is an over 150-page bible for Google’s search quality evaluators. What are search quality evaluators, you say? These “raters” are the […]

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  • Link Relevancy & Authority: What You Need To Know To Survive

    link relevancy

    What makes a link relevant? What is OK? What is not OK? We get a lot of questions about what it means to have relevant links here, so in today’s article we’re going to go over how you should think about link relevancy. Let’s get into it! The Biggest Misconception: Direct Relevancy The biggest misconception […]

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  • Amazing New SEO Case Studies: 842.4%+ Increase In Traffic!

    seo case studies

    Want to see some cool case studies of recent SEO results we’ve got for our clients? Below we detailed out 4 case studies from various niches that got some great results in only just a few months. All of the case studies are from clients on our HOTH X managed SEO program. You can learn […]

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  • How many links does it take to get to page 1 of Google?

    “How many links will it take me to get to the first page of Google?” This is probably the MOST asked question we get, and until now almost everyone in the SEO industry gave the most annoying answer ever– “It depends…” Well, today we’re going to try and actually answer that question! Disclaimer: To be […]

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  • How To Get An SSL Certificate

    How to get an ssl certificate

    SSL (secure socket layer) certificates have been becoming more popular with the recent release of the news that google will punish websites that are not encrypted. On top of that, Google also said they are “starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal.” Additionally, Google sent out warnings that Chrome will start showing “not secure” […]

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  • Quick Guide to Rich Snippets & Schema Markup

    Quick Guide To Rich Snippets

    Rich snippets allows webmasters to mark up different types of content in a way that search engines can easily understand. That’s why Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex banded together to bring unity and ease of use to rich snippets through their online documentation at Over the last few years we’ve seen rich snippets and […]

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