Are you a HOTH reseller looking to scale up your business? We have some exciting news to share with you.

Recently, The HOTH has put the finishing touches on our integration with Service Provider Pro (SPP).

SPP makes ordering and delivering white label SEO products quicker and more efficient than ever.

The big perk of using SPP with The HOTH is once your customer purchases a service, the order will automatically shoot into The HOTH’s system for fulfillment. No more being a middleman!

The entire goal of SPP is to help SEO and digital marketing agencies improve their day-to-day from monotonous, repetitive tasks to spending that time actually growing their business!

This article will discuss how SPP works for resellers and the benefits of integrating your HOTH account with this system.

What Is Service Provider Pro?

SPP is an agency management tool that allows you to seamlessly integrate with and offer HOTH products to your clients. Additionally, it acts as a CRM, support desk, point of sale, and much more.

Entrepreneurs and agencies can subscribe to SPP on a monthly or annual basis.

Once inside, users have the ability to connect their SPP account to their HOTH account with only a couple clicks.

Integrating your HOTH account into SPP

Through the SPP dashboard, agencies can create custom services, craft order forms to capture information, track orders, issue invoices, and generate reports.

Creating custom order forms in SPP

What HOTH Services Are Available in SPP?

Our most popular SEO products are currently available in SPP:

  • HOTH Guest Post (Domain Authority and Publisher Traffic)
  • HOTH Blogger (Regular and Pro)
  • HOTH Press
  • HOTH Syndication

The same options and variants available inside The HOTH’s ordering system are available inside SPP. With guest posts, for example, users can switch the word count and domain authority.

Options available for guest posts in the order form

We’re working hard at The HOTH to hook up more products so keep an eye on our SPP Page to monitor which products we’ve added.

The benefit to being fully “hooked up” means that when your customer purchases, the order shoots into The HOTH’s system automatically, and returns to your customer automatically when the order is complete.

No more wasting your time as the middleman copying and pasting order inputs!

The Other Benefits of SPP

We’ve touched on how SPP can save you time with submitting orders but what are the other benefits?

Using SPP makes it easier to scale up your business. After all, the way you manage 10 clients is completely different than the way you manage 100.

The SPP dashboard puts all of your valuable information in one spot. That means you can access your entire client list, track orders, check on payments, and much more.

Options available for guest posts in the order form

Not only does this program give you direct access to best-selling HOTH products, but it helps you with client management.

Users can create multiple order forms, confirmation pages that send messages to a client’s email, a member’s area where clients can see the progress of their order, and intake forms.

If you have multiple employees the program makes it easier to coordinate your efforts. There’s also a section where clients can easily contact you with questions or concerns.

Ready To Grow Your Business?

We hope you’re excited about SPP. This software makes it easier than ever before to coordinate orders between your agency and The HOTH.

The days of manually inputting orders or going through pages of emails to provide updates or performance reports to your clients are gone! SPP keeps you and your team organized so you can start focusing on getting more clients.

Would you like to learn more? Visit The HOTH + Service Provider PRO to watch some video tutorials and read FAQs.

Click here if you’re ready to get started with SPP.