At The HOTH we get how important it is to manage your SEO, SEM and digital marketing orders. It’s an essential part of running a successful campaign.

That’s why we’ve got some exciting updates to share. We’ve made a few changes to The HOTH dashboard. Starting now, you have more control over and access to HOTH orders than ever before.

Give your orders more meaning with order names

Relying on order ID numbers or product names as the main way to find specific orders can get overwhelming. This is especially true if you have multiple orders for the same product.

That’s why we’ve updated our dashboard to incorporate order names.

Order Names

Order names allow you to give each of your HOTH orders a specific name– one that works best for you and your business.

Some ideas for order names include:

  • The primary domain of the site
  • Your campaign goal
  • The client your order is white-labeled for
  • Whatever else you’d like

This gives you complete control over how to keep your HOTH orders organized in a way that makes sense for you.

Learn how to rename your orders.

Filter by product AND status

Sometimes the best way to make a list more manageable is by making it smaller.

That’s why we’ve also added the option to filter your orders by status, allowing you to be even more specific in your search.

New Filter Options

You can now focus even more on orders of a particular type. These include:

  • Product
  • Status
  • Tag

It’s easier than ever to check in on where your campaigns are at.

See order details, reports, and deliverables in one place

We also designed a dedicated page for each order with a unique URL that you can bookmark or share.

This allows you to easily manage your items and download reports, as well as share with any stakeholders.

Order Details

Know where your order is and what is left

It can be frustrating to be unsure of where a campaign is at in terms of its timeline.

We’ve fixed this by adding even more descriptive status updates for all of our products. Included is more info about our process, as well as a dynamic timeline that lets you know what’s been completed and what’s still in process.

You can see these using the details panel or the order details page.

Order Timeline

Following your order progress has never been easier.

Order information without leaving the dashboard

We’ve made it so you never have to worry about “losing your place” in the order dashboard by adding a details panel.

When you click the info icon, the panel will slide from the right, and include info like:

  • Order Status
  • Order Timeline
  • Order Inputs

Order Details Panel

You now don’t have to leave your dashboard to access this information.


Quick action dropdown

We are always trying to improve our products by adding more shortcuts and features.

That’s why we also added a quick action dropdown on the right side of all orders. This creates room for all links, actions, and buttons.

The quick action dropdown lets you download your invoice and reports, rename your order, place a similar order, and auto-approve items, all in one place.

Action Dropdown

Clearer information at a glance

We made it easier to see the info you’re looking for. For instance:

Tags are now visible from the dashboard without clicking the tag icon. (You can add up to two tags.)

The product and package type each have their own column for more consistency across all products. You can now get the product type, package, and quantity info in exactly the same way for every HOTH product.

We’d love your feedback

Our service is about more than providing stellar SEO, SEM, and digital marketing results. It’s also about your experience using them, and now it’s better than ever.

Over the coming months, expect to see even more updates– more changes that make working with The HOTH a seamless process for business owners and agencies.

Have you had a chance to use your new HOTH dashboard yet? If so, we’d love your feedback. It helps us make things better for you.