Staying current on SEO can be demanding. So, why not stay up to date with the best SEO podcasts available? 

Google’s search algorithm updates regularly. The best practices for optimization and rankings also continue to evolve.

Reading about the newest trends, tactics, and tools can quickly take up a lot of time.

Luckily, there are a variety of SEO podcasts to help keep you informed!

Podcasts are great because you can increase your knowledge while washing the dishes, walking the dog, or driving to work without having to run a Google search and add extra time to your already busy schedule. 

Maybe that’s why they continue to grow in popularity. More people are listening to podcasts now more than ever before:

podcast popularity increasing

Plus podcasts offer you a picture of “who’s who” in the SEO industry.

We’ve got a list of 18 SEO podcasts organized by a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level of knowledge.

We picked these podcasts because they are:

  • Enjoyable to listen to
  • Hosted by marketing experts with years of experience
  • Highly rated by listeners 
  • Updated regularly with new episodes
  • Full of awesome search marketing tips

The format, length, and tone of each show vary. So rather than try and subscribe to every podcast here, I recommend sampling them all first to find your favorites. Anyone from bloggers to big-time marketers can benefit from listening to these great podcasts. 

Without further ado, here they are, starting with the beginner level!


Worried you won’t know what the hosts are talking about? These podcasts are friendly to listeners who might not already be search marketing experts.

SEO 101 from Webmaster Radio

Hosts Ross Dunn and John Carcutt help you learn about search engine optimization “from square one.” That’s a weekly podcast to help you learn everything from keyword research to technical SEO that will help you rank in SERPs

Over time, this podcast has simply gotten better and has benefited from a huge lineup of SEO industry experts. This list includes Google’s John Mueller, Stephan Spencer, and David Szetela among many others. If you’re interested in hearing from some of the top names in the businesses, this podcast is not one you want to miss. 

Each show on Apple podcasts gives you helpful information about SEO in a beginner-friendly format that doesn’t go too far into the weeds. Episodes bring you up to speed on the essentials of SEO, along with any important news and tips.

There’s even an active SEO 101 Google+ community where you can ask questions for SEO consultants to be answered on the show by Ross and John

2. Marketing School

Neil Patel and Eric Siu present daily, bite-sized shows in their digital marketing podcast on all things SEO. Do you only have about 10 minutes of your time to spare on a daily basis? This podcast is right up your alley! 

SEO tips are covered frequently alongside other effective online marketing strategies. This is also a great podcast for those above a beginner level who want some fresh marketing hacks to try out.

This podcast will give you the right tips to take your business, blog, or company to the next level. There’s no fluff in this show, just quick conversations covering actionable marketing advice for you to implement for ultimate SEO success.

Search Engine Journal Show

This podcast has been around for a long while; however, a new host by the name of Loren Baker has brought this podcast out of the shadows. 

Loren interviews top SEO experts to discuss SEO topics and explain a ton of actionable SEO tips for beginners and SEO masters alike. 

Host and SEJ founder Loren Baker also talks about SEO trends, technical issues, and content marketing strategies

Google Search and other Local SEO tips will also make you come back for more with this interesting and helpful podcast.

Entrepreneurs GSD

Tune in to hosts Mike Kawula and Sheena White and listen as they do a fantastic job interviewing guests who provide tips on what’s working right now in business and marketing.

A variety of marketing topics are covered in addition to SEO, including content marketing and other systems to increase traffic and revenue. SEO-related topics pop up regularly enough to put this on our list of best SEO podcasts.

Entrepreneurs themselves, Mike and Sheena find the best people online to share their advice with you as guests. They even reached out to have us on an episode.


Marketing Speak

SEO expert and author Stephan Spencer conduct in-depth interviews with digital marketing experts on this podcast.

Episodes are usually around 1 hour and provide fascinating explorations into topics ranging from SEO and branding to other growth methods.

Though listed here for beginners, the format of this podcast is actually pretty well-suited to any knowledge level.

Duct Tape Marketing

Episodes tend toward digital marketing strategies for small businesses. Host John Jantsch covers anything a local business or smaller-sized company would want to know.

As a result, Local SEO-related topics come up in this podcast more than the other ones on this list.

Posted weekly with over 100 episodes already, this is a great show for small businesses who want to know how to grow their business with SEO and other digital marketing methods.


If you’re well beyond the basics of SEO, these podcasts will keep you informed and learning.

Edge of the Web

Despite billing itself as “An SEO Podcast for Today’s Digital Marketer,” Edge of the Web frequently touches on topics like social media, paid ads, and content marketing.

That being said, SEO is probably the most regularly occurring topic along with industry trends. Hosts Erin Sparks and Tom Brodbeck conduct great interviews with their guests, who are often notable figures in SEO.

Neil Patel, Amy Bishop, and Rand Fishkin are just some of the prominent guests who have appeared on this show.

Authority Hacker

A fantastic SEO podcast for those who enjoy interesting discussions, big-name guests, and a natural conversational format.

Gael Breton and Mark Webster can talk about anything SEO (and they don’t always agree). Episodes center around topics including SEO techniques and notable industry developments.

They’ve brought on SEO figures including Charles Float and Tim Soulo from Ahrefs, but Gael and Mark’s discussions are engaging to listen to even when they don’t have guests on the show.

WTSPodcast Podcast

Sarah McDowell and Areej AbuAli are the hosts of the Women In Tech Podcast (WTS Podcast) and do an amazing job at bringing engaging and useful SEO information in convenient half-hour segments every week.

The shows are usually about the technical side of SEO but also dive into topics like scaling an agency, managing remote teams, and client expectations. You may also learn about keyword mapping, site migration, and even some structured data. 

If you’re interested in grabbing a bite of some interesting SEO methods for businesses in a fun and accessible way. Give this podcast a try!

Azeem Digital Asks

Host Azeem Ahman goes by the brand name Azeem Digital. Azeem Digital Asks is an absolutely fantastic SEO podcast for those who just can’t get enough awesome SEO information and content. 

There are so many podcasts that focus solely on business building and are specific to just search engine marketing. 

This podcast is unique in the fact that the episodes are focused on avoiding SEO burnout, recruiting the right employees, and building up your brand the right way. 

Plus, you get all the benefits of SEO strategies that you’re craving! 

Growth Experts

Dennis Brown’s episodes bring on growth hackers, CEOs, and marketers to uncover the steps that led to their successes.

Each episode centers around a brand or entrepreneur’s growth accomplishments and breaks down how they did it. As you can imagine, SEO comes up pretty frequently.

This is not strictly an SEO podcast, but the other growth methods on this show are worth looking into in conjunction with SEO to improve your chances of success.

The Digital Marketing Podcast from Target Internet

Daniel Rowles & Ciaran Rogers catered this show to fit perfectly into your car ride.

Though new episodes are only posted every 2 weeks, the topics are evergreen and are a great way to improve your marketing knowledge while on your daily commute.

Interviews with experts are combined with the latest search news, tools, and strategies for an engaging show.

Internet Marketing from SiteVisibility

If you like listening to a posh accent while learning about marketing, this show is billed as the “UK’s most popular internet marketing podcast.”

The episodes are typically in the 15-30 minute range, but the show has been on since 2008 and its longevity matches up to its popularity.

Host Andy White brings on a variety of SEO strategy marketers and experts to solve common search marketing and other online marketing challenges.


Got a lot of SEO knowledge under your belt? These podcasts will keep you interested and teach you a new thing or two!

Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

This exceptionally high-rated show claims to be the “most popular SEO podcast on iTunes.”

And for good reason: Hosts Matt Bertram and Chris Burres are fun to listen to while dropping SEO knowledge bombs left and right. Their conversations are fresh and often hilarious.

If you want to listen to some likable voices and grow your site, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this podcast.

StoryShout Podcast

The StoryShout podcast is a totally relatable podcast centered around managing thoughts, burnout, SEO failure, and success stories. 

This podcast is interesting because the host Kelsey Jones examines these topics in a that can be rather discouraging such as failure but teaches us not to be afraid of failure but rather learn from it instead. 

If you’re feeling a bit down on your business because your metrics aren’t where you want them to be, try taking a listen to this show. You may learn a thing a two about failure, success, and some great marketing industry tips. 


Webcology centers on the ever-changing developments that occur in the “ecosystem of the internet.”

The big picture effect of trends like artificial intelligence, privacy, and corporate partnerships on search marketing are discussed in depth.

Jim Hedger and Dave Davies bring on industry experts to explore how the internet is evolving and how marketers should adjust and respond to the latest changes.

Lion Zeal Show

Daryl Rosser’s podcast centers around one topic: profiting from your SEO expertise.

Whether you’re trying to scale up your agency or just get your foot in the door and start selling your SEO, this is the perfect podcast for you to learn how to do that.

Actionable tips are given left and right by Daryl and his roster of guests who have all managed to develop their businesses out of their SEO skills.

A Few Honorable Mentions of the Best SEO Podcasts

This is such an expansive list, you are sure to find at least one podcast that tickles your fancy, but on the off chance you’re still searching for that podcast that will itch your SEO scratch, then here are a few honorable mentions:

Marketing O’Clock

Marketing O’Clock has an expansive host list of Greg Finn, Jessica Budde, Christine Zirnheld, and Mark Saltarelli. Marketing O’Clock is a weekly podcast that explores and discusses the week’s most important digital marketing news, all with a fantastic sense of humor. 

If you’re looking to hear about the latest SEO news and events that will also put a small on your face, then Marketing O’Clock may be the right podcast for you. 

Kalicube Tuesdays SEO Podcast

Kalicube Tuesdays consist of tons of podcasts over a wide range of technical and high-level digital marketing issues. It’s a great example of an approach to SEO that explores every nook and cranny with full depth of what is required to succeed in SEO in 2022. 

The host, Jason Barnard features guests such as Jeff Coyle of MarketMuse and Fabrice Canel of Microsoft. 

Kalicube Tuesdays is a rather advanced podcast series that is thought-provoking and gives its listeners an understanding of brand new in the world of SEO. 

Search Off the Record

Search Off the Record is a podcast that is powered by Google itself. It’s actually a great listen because it’s created by the members of Google’s Search Relations Team.

It gives a really deep understanding and behind-the-scenes peek at how Google makes its decisions, projects Google is working on, and other neat SEO topics

Listening to this podcast may even make you a better search marketer and SEO professional. 

You may learn about indexing, how sites are rendered, and even get an insight into how Google’s algorithms treat brand-new websites. 

That’s All Folks!

Search engine marketing is an industry where most people are self-taught, and even the experts are continually learning because SEO strategies are ever-evolving. 

Some people learn better through listening rather than reading. This list of best SEO podcasts can give you easy access to excellent mentors and resources.

Just remember to pick a few shows that you like the best. You won’t learn anything by zoning out to a show that seems too technical or a host you don’t necessarily enjoy listening to.

And if you spend all your time listening, you won’t advance without putting what you learn into action. So I hope that this list helps you out in finding a show you like that grows your business!

Do you have a favorite from this list? 

Are there any awesome SEO podcasts we left out? Let us know in the comments.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for free and check out our helpful SEO resources!