How To Create a Google Ads Account

Looking to get started advertising on Google?

Today, we’re going to break down the necessary steps for creating and setting up a Google Ads account so that you can dominate in paid search.

Creating A new Google Ads Account

1. Go to Google Ads homepage and click on either of the “Start Now” buttons.

2. Log into your Google Account that you would like to use for your Google Ads account.

3. After you login or create a Gmail account you will see this page below.

4. For the purpose of creating and setting up a new account. You will want to click “Experienced with Google Ads?” link. This will take you out of the campaign creation.

5. One more time, Google will prompt you too try and create a campaign. Click the link below that says “Create an account with a campaign”

6. Confirm your business details (Billing country, Timezone, and Currency). Google may autofill this data for you.

7. Now your account is created!

Ensure Billing Is Setup

You cannot run ads without billing being setup! Make sure to double check that the correct billing information is inputted.

1. Log into your Google Ads Account

2. Click the “Wrench” icon in the top navigation

3. When the drop down appears click on “Billing & Payments”

4. Review the billing page, add your business info, and credit card information if needed. On the bottom there are Terms of Services that must be read and accepted. Finally, hit submit on the bottom of the page.


Once you’ve followed these steps, your Google Ads account will be setup and ready to be put to use!

If you have any additional questions or pointers feel free to drop them in the comments below!