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  • The Ultimate SEO Strategy Template For Getting More Website Traffic

    seo strategy blueprint

    Do you have an SEO strategy for this year? I want to make sure you have THE BEST info available on what is currently working in the world of SEO. I’m compacting down all our experience watching thousands of orders, sites, and case studies into this post. The strategy laid out in here has generated […]

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  • Don’t Forget About Desktop Search in the Mobile SEO World

    desktop search

    Desktop search has looked like it was fading into the dust since the last quarter of 2016. The big announcement by Google that they’d prioritize their mobile index seemed to sound a killing blow for desktop devices. And global smartphone sales were expected to hit 1.5B units in 2016. That’s a lot of smartphones – […]

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  • Matt Cutts Has Officially Left Google

    matt cutts leaves google

    Matt Cutts just broke up with Google. That’s right…the man who was the face of Google to all webmasters has moved on to a “better” place. The USDS.  Matt left Google for an extended leave of absence back in July of 2014. Apparently to spend some time with his wife. According to Matt, he was […]

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  • Google is Officially Ending its “Google Site Search” Service


    If you’re an SEO professional or someone who manages multiple websites that utilize Google site search, we’ve got some bad news for you. Google is shutting down Google site search in April. But don’t panic– there are plenty of alternatives. We’ve put together a guide to understanding exactly what Google site search is and which custom […]

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  • Mobile Popup Update: Google To Punish Sites With Intrusive Interstitials

    Google announced that it will start punishing sites with intrusive mobile popups starting January 10, 2017. Given 1.4 billion smartphones were sold in 2015, it’s hardly surprising that 70% of internet use now comes via mobile devices. And with so much content viewed on phones, you can’t afford to ignore Google’s latest update. After all, […]

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  • How Does Google Make Money? [Infographic]

    How Does Google Earn Money?

    Google is raking in cash year after year – but where does it come from? How much money does Google actually make? While Big G has lots of different projects – from hardware like Chromecast, the new Google Phone (pixel), and Google Ventures, the vast majority of it’s revenues come from display advertising. It’s been […]

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  • Google Index Divide: All The Info You Need

    Google Index Divide

    Google just announced that within MONTHs they are going to divide their index between mobile and desktop – and the MOBILE index will be the primary index. The announcment came in the keynote from Gary Illyes at Google (basically the new Matt Cutt’s) on Thursday at Pubcon Vegas 2016. Good thing we were there at […]

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  • SMX East 2016: 80+ Expert SEO Slide Decks

    SMX East 2016

    Hey! We just got back from SMX East 2016 and it was a blast rocking The HOTH booth and meeting everyone. If you couldn’t attend, we still wanted to bring SMX to you – Here are 80+ slide decks from the expert SEO presentations last week. Cheers! The Attribution Challenge By Adam Proehl The Attribution […]

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  • Google Penguin 4.0, Possum, And Craziness Update September 2016

    Google Update September 2016

    The Google Penguin 4 (realtime) as well as “Possum” local update are live! Article Update: Since we released this article, some important NEW information has come out about Penguin 4. Webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes (semi-taking the new role of Matt Cutts talking about updates publicly) has stated that the new version of Penguin NO […]

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  • The Winners and Losers of Google’s AdWords Update

    Adwords 4 pack update

    In December 2015, Google started testing an adwords update with 4 ads at the top of search results. The news lead to a lot of speculation in the SEO and PPC community, but for several months only 1% of SERPs were populated with top ads. On February 18, 2016, the percentage of top ad blocks […]

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