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  • Google My Business Gets Updated with Google Posts

    Google Posts

    After over a year of waiting, any and all businesses, large or small, now have access to the Google Posts feature inside of Google My Business. Originally rolled out for political candidates in January 2016 and more recently for things like sports teams and museums, the feature has been made accessible for ANY business that […]

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  • The Problem with Google Snippets and Fake News Sites

    Fake News In Google

    Fake news has been at the front of the online news for a while now and with good reason! Websites that spread false information are growing in sophistication, fooling everyone from casual readers to Google’s algorithm.  “Fake news,” which refers to false information that is posted online either for political purposes or to increase web […]

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  • Why Voice Search is Changing Keyword Research


    The number of people taking advantage of voice search — asking your phone or another device to find something, rather than typing it into a search engine — is on the rise. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, as of 2016 20% of the queries on the Google app were voice searches. And while there isn’t any […]

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  • BREAKING: Google Releases New Layout “Gorilla” Wreaking Havoc on SEO Industry

    google layout update

    Google Reduces Organic Listings To Zero Last night, Google, in another attempt to increase profits and keep shareholders happy, has added 7 new Ad slots to the first page of the search results, further reducing the number of organic listing to zero. News Breaks, Riots Ensue As the news broke late Friday night, large groups […]

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  • Google Fred Update 2017: Targets Low Quality Sites


    The Google Fred update started around mid-march 2017 and targeted low value sites. The name “Fred” originates from a tongue-in-cheek tweet by Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes. Though this Fred won’t haunt you in your dreams, it has turned out to be quite a nightmare for many sites. Some websites began reporting a 50-90% […]

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  • The Ultimate SEO Strategy Template For Getting More Website Traffic

    seo strategy blueprint

    Do you have an SEO strategy for this year? I want to make sure you have THE BEST info available on what is currently working in the world of SEO. I’m compacting down all our experience watching thousands of orders, sites, and case studies into this post. The strategy laid out in here has generated […]

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  • Don’t Forget About Desktop Search in the Mobile SEO World

    desktop search

    Desktop search has looked like it was fading into the dust since the last quarter of 2016. The big announcement by Google that they’d prioritize their mobile index seemed to sound a killing blow for desktop devices. And global smartphone sales were expected to hit 1.5B units in 2016. That’s a lot of smartphones – […]

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  • Matt Cutts Has Officially Left Google

    matt cutts leaves google

    Matt Cutts just broke up with Google. That’s right…the man who was the face of Google to all webmasters has moved on to a “better” place. The USDS.  Matt left Google for an extended leave of absence back in July of 2014. Apparently to spend some time with his wife. According to Matt, he was […]

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  • Google is Officially Ending its “Google Site Search” Service


    If you’re an SEO professional or someone who manages multiple websites that utilize Google site search, we’ve got some bad news for you. Google is shutting down Google site search in April. But don’t panic– there are plenty of alternatives. We’ve put together a guide to understanding exactly what Google site search is and which custom […]

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  • Mobile Popup Update: Google To Punish Sites With Intrusive Interstitials

    Google announced that it will start punishing sites with intrusive mobile popups starting January 10, 2017. Given 1.4 billion smartphones were sold in 2015, it’s hardly surprising that 70% of internet use now comes via mobile devices. And with so much content viewed on phones, you can’t afford to ignore Google’s latest update. After all, […]

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